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The Maritime Autonomy (MA) sector is changing at pace across the military and commercial sectors. Separate but not separable, the whole MA environment needs regulation and control to match the pace of equipment development. Opening in the spring of 2022, the UK will see a new national centre dedicated to marine autonomy. CebotiX, will play a key role in the development, training and assurance of Maritime Autonomy, contributing to the eco-system of organisations that ensure the UK maritime sector leads the world in innovation and achieves the goals set out in Maritime 2050.

Three key organisations involved in the drive to remote and autonomous vehicle operations have joined forces to create, Europe’s first training, testing and evaluation centre, dedicated to supporting maritime’s digital transition. The Royal Navy, SeaBot XR, and the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) signed, on 19 May 2021, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create CEbotiX, The National Centre for Operational Excellence in Marine Robotics based in Southampton, UK.

By acting as a co-ordinating point and facilitator for the UK’s world-leading development of marine autonomy. CEbotiX will act as a catalyst to facilitate the UK as a whole to help government, naval defence and UK companies become world-leaders in marine robotics technology development, operations, training and in developing the best regulatory frameworks.

C-Worker ASV being deployed.

A comprehensive proving ground for developing & validating new marine technology

CEbotiX is a combined testing and training site where companies can try out their own autonomous and remote-controlled vessels as well as tap into pioneering in-person training designed for military and civil marine operations.

The Marine Robotics Innovation Centre.

We’re a unique combination of marine robotics expertise above and below the surface, with advanced testing facilities and at a prime location, the CEbotiX Technology Park, based on the site of the National Oceanography Centre is in the heart of the UK Maritime Sector, enabling customers to develop and validate their technology, or vehicle, or People.

Opening in early 2022

A resourced technology park, with multiple facilities and sites

  • Dedicated equipment
  • Dedicated space; workshops, offices, seminar rooms
  • Storage facilities for equipment
  • Remote control centre for mission planning and ops
  • Access to wider NOC expertise
  • 100m+ quayside and floating pontoon with access to open water
  • Secluded deep water test facilities

Services – The Centre will provide operational support services for connected and autonomous vehicles, including:

Consultancy services

  • Operational consultancy
  • Development of operational models
  • Development of Safety management systems
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training course development
  • Systems engineering consultancy
  • Design consultancy
  • Understanding new ways of working – de-risk operations / increasing efficiency
  • Mission control design and pressure testing

Testing and prototyping

  • Vehicle Prototyping
  • Use of extended reality for increased situational awareness
  • Vehicle verification
  • Sensor testing
  • Storage space
  • Workshops

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