Glider Service Centre

Working in partnership with Teledyne Marine, we are proud to announce the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) as an official facility for the service, support and repair of Teledyne Slocum Gliders at our base in Southampton, England.

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NOC’s underwater glider fleet.The NOC Glider Service Centre builds on years of expertise from servicing our own underwater glider fleet – part of the largest autonomous vehicle fleet in Europe – to offer a commercial service incorporating our own in-house Calibration Laboratory and Pressure Testing Facility.

Glider servicing

The NOC has been equipping, servicing and operating gliders on extended scientific missions for over 15 years along with designing and building our own novel AUVs. We are placed at the heart of underwater glider operations in Europe, having developed unique expertise in this pioneering field. This allows us to offer a commercial service maintaining both your glider fleet and peace of mind.

As autonomy increasingly leads the way in oceanic research, weather forecasting and naval operations; gliders are becoming more popular as platforms for sensor deployment thanks to unrivalled range, duration and low cost.

This is leading to an expansion of the European fleet and with it, growing demand for glider servicing (including sensor calibration, pressure testing and ballasting), piloting, training – all of which can be done at the NOC.

Calibration Laboratory

The NOC are able to perform CTD and many WetLab sensor calibrations in-house, in our own Calibration Laboratory. This dramatically improves lead times along with reducing the risk to your sensors caused by additional transport and handling.

Learn more about our Calibration Laboratory

Pressure testing

Two hyperbaric pressure testing tanks are available to the Glider Service Centre, to allow testing down to 6,000m water depth equivalent. This allows us to ensure your payload bay is properly tested prior to deployment, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding costly delays.

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The Glider Service Centre is officially open for business.

Please send email to the address below for Glider payload bay servicing enquiries.

Please do not ship any material to NOC Glider Service Centre without first receiving an RMA number and shipping instructions.