The shipping industry could lay claim to being the world’s first truly global industry. It connects countries, markets, businesses and people.

We are working alongside industry to address both challenges and opportunities faced by the shipping sector.

Key ways in which the NOC collaborates with and works alongside the shipping industry include the following:

  • Provision of extensive models focusing on ocean and sea-ice dynamics, ocean circulation marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry
  • Help to assess the potential risks, consequences and environmental impacts of oil spills in Arctic regions
  • Predictions of future navigability of Arctic Sea Routes
  • Development and manufacture of lab on chip sensors for ocean science and industry applications
  • Help to address the ballast water monitoring and pollution challenges
  • The ‘Ships of Opportunity’ programme, which enables ships to contribute towards understanding of scientific ocean parameters by recording data while in transit across the oceans
  • Providing advanced models and optimised navigation routes.