Accelerates exploitation of UK investment in autonomous technology through collaborative solutions to solve the big challenges in the ocean economy

Value Proposition

The Marine Robotics Innovation Centre will build a collaborative community of technology developers and end-users from across industry and academia, to enable the advancement of technologies for sustainable and economic operations in the ocean. Through engagement with research programmes, targeted at joint industry and scientific challenges, the centre will develop, demonstrate and facilitate early adoption of novel technologies through two-way knowledge transfer. The Centre will coordinate an engaged community of end-users, regulators, funders and other stakeholders to provide a focus for marine autonomous system development in the UK and wider international community.


  • Engaged scientific end-user community for the early adoption of novel marine technology developments
  • Opportunities to align technology roadmaps with funded research to advance developments
  • Increased visibility with end-users of marine technology
  • Opportunities to collaborate with developers to provide a complete marine autonomous systems solution for real world challenges
  • Access to world-leading scientific and technological expertise
  • Access to cutting-edge facilities and equipment