anyTide is a mobile app for tidal height and current predictions created by the National Oceanography Centre. The App provides tidal predictions around the world, and tide and current information for the British Isles. Future updates are planned to provide global tidal currents. It is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

There are three types of tidal predictions in the App.

  • Height predictions based on data from tide gauges located at sites around the world
  • UK height predictions based on computer models developed at NOC. This simulates the coastline at 1.8-km intervals and allows tidal predictions at any grid point around the coastline (and in major estuaries).
  • Global height predictions, simulated along the coastline allowing tidal predictions at any grid point (and in major estuaries).
  • UK current predictions based on computer models developed at NOC, enabling tidal current predictions at any grid box in the surrounding shallow seas. Tidal currents in areas other than the UK are in the works for future updates.

The model, based on a 1.8-km grid (UK only) or 7-km (Rest of the World), are a novel feature of the App and allow users to obtain tide predictions in a much wider range of locations (e.g., in areas away from ports with tide gauges) and ‘fill in the gaps’ between observation points. Using the App, you are able to get tidal predictions for known ports and observation points around the world. You are also able to obtain predictions for points not covered by port data, which are calculated by the tidal model. Frequently used locations can be bookmarked for ease of access.

The free version of anyTide includes tidal height predictions for up to 21 days and tidal currents for any given day. In-App purchases allow the user to purchase a calendar year’s worth of data predictions for either tidal heights or currents.

* The anyTide App is not to be used for navigation purposes.

Acknowledgements – anyTide was developed in conjunction with Winchester Innovation. For further information, see