Poltips Coastal Tidal Software

The National Oceanography Centre has a rich heritage of tidal prediction stretching back nearly 100 years and are positioned as world leaders in tidal prediction software.

Tidal prediction is used throughout the world and over the past 75 years harmonic methods have been developed here at the NOC. For more than 30 years, our customers from around the world have been using accurate tidal predictions generated by our software.

Poltips is our coastal tidal computation and visualisation software which can compute tidal predictions for over 700 standard and secondary ports around the UK. The UK National Tide Gauge, originally developed by NOC, provides high quality data which, when analysed, ensures that the most up-to-date harmonics are used within our software.

Poltips is extremely easy to use. Select your location and enter the time period required and then decide how you wish the tide times to be represented – this could be as tide tables, text files or even as graphs.

There are 3 different version of Poltips available - customised, standard and user data. We can advise which is best suited for your needs.

Key Features of Poltips:

  • Uses the harmonic method of tidal prediction with up to 240 harmonic constituents
  • Alternative methods for complex shallow-water ports are used when the harmonic method fails to produce the required level of accuracy

Applications of Poltips

Using our years of experience with tidal data, we support organizations working in a wide range of market sectors including port operations, hydrographic surveying, renewable energy studies, environmental assessments, the operational of tidally controlled equipment, coastal flood defence and risk assessments of flooding.

Prices start from £189 + tax for a 3-year licence Standard Poltips.

To find out more about how Poltips can help you and to book a short software demonstration, fill in the form below.