Consultancy and Advice

The NOC provides a service to a wide variety of clients including those involved in marine, coastal, offshore and environmental work. We have provided advice and data to companies working in a wide range of market sectors including:

  • coastal flood defence
  • environmental assessments
  • maritime investigations and legal cases
  • renewable energy studies
  • offshore oil and gas industry
  • marine project planning and implementation
  • hydrographic surveyors
  • designers and operators of offshore structures
  • ports and harbours
  • operators of tidally controlled equipment
  • insurance industry (risk assessment of coastal flooding)
  • developers of navigation, search & rescue and oil spill applications
  • producers of environmental impact studies
  • tide tables publishers
  • sailing or fishing clubs
  • recreation industry

We have also received a number of requests from slightly more unusual areas including:

  • artists and conceptual designers recreating tides in their work
  • event organisers planning a party on a beach
  • historians for authentication purposes
  • helping the Police with their enquiries and providing them with expert testimonies
  • schools and field study centres planning shoreline activities
  • TV programme makers and film producers wanting accuracy in their storylines. Some recent ‘appearances’ include Granada TV’s Battlefield Detectives and the BBC’s Silent Witness programmes

Examples of our consultancy work

The NOC’s expertise in providing customised offshore data was put to use in a major DTI funded project to develop an Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Potential. The NOC was responsible for the energy from tidal streams, with the Met Office, ABP-MER and Garrad Hassan the other partners in the project. The High Resolution Continental Shelf Model (CS20) and custom software produced an extensive data set that was used to show the potential energy from tidal currents. The Atlas is freely available.

The NOC has a long history of helping the British Sailing Team at the Olympic Games, developing a custom version of our POLPRED software for use by the team in the 2008 China Olympics.

Occasionally we get a request for help that is a little bit more unusual. One of these was from The Ocean Technology Foundation based in Connecticut, USA.  They were coordinating a search for The Bonhomme Richard, the flag ship of John Paul Jones.

In 1779, the Bonhomme Richard engaged HMS Serapis in a three-and-a-half hour point-blank battle. Jones finally won and captured the Serapis, only to watch the Bonhomme Richard be consumed by the sea 36 hours later.

The NOC provided maps showing the tidal currents off Flamborough Head for September 1779 – not something readily found at your local chandlers. It is rewarding to see scientists and historians co-operating in the same quest.

As well as producing tidal predictions we also offer a tidal analysis service. Results of an analysis can be incorporated into our POLTIPS software. For example, when Airbus needed to float the wings of their superjumbo A380 from their factory in Broughton, North Wales to Mostyn Dock on the River Dee, they came to us to carry out a tidal analysis of this complex stretch of water. Incorporating these results into POLTIPS, they are now able to plan the best time to transport the wings.

POLTIPS has also been customised with all outputs in Danish rather than English and is used by the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography.