The NOC is a world leading centre in ocean modelling and the forecasting of shelf sea dynamics.

This expertise and knowledge is available to businesses through consultancy, data reports and specialist software.

Our products have provided valuable information to a diverse range of clients ranging from small consultancy firms to major government funded studies.

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We offer our software products, however there will be times when you just want some information without needing to learn any new software.

We can help by either running our existing software for you or developing something more bespoke to derive exactly what you require.

It could be something simple like a new tide table layout to fit your publication or something more complex such as an investigation of the dispersal patterns of radio-nuclides in the North Sea.

We have a very diverse range of clients covering a wide range of market sectors including:

  • Environment Agency
  • Met Office
  • Local government
  • Academia / research
  • Ports and harbours
  • Offshore renewable
  • RNLI
  • Oil and gas
  • Offshore survey
  • Maritime investigations
  • Law enforcement
  • Publishers
  • Event planners

POLPRED is an offshore-based tidal computation and visualisation package for Microsoft Windows. The software has been used across a range of industries where knowledge of offshore tides and currents can aid in the planning and execution of operations.

POLPRED is a cost-effective way to anticipate problems arising from tidal movement that is now used by many offshore contractors for both planning and operational activities. It allows users to calculate tidal levels and currents and view them in a variety of ways (e.g., time series graphs, contour and vector maps, scatter plots, tidal diamonds, etc.).

Key Features of the POLPRED software

  • Simple interface
  • Numerical output
  • Easy export into other software, e.g., Excel
  • Time series plots
  • Map showing tidal elevation
  • Map showing tidal current vectors
  • Current ellipses
  • Frequency distributions
  • Multiple particle tracking with diffusion
  • Tidal diamond output
  • Comparison with observed data records from the British Oceanographic Data Centre
  • Easily change output preferences
  • User defined data layers
  • Batch mode processing (dialog box).

Prediction engine

The underlying prediction engine in POLPRED is also available as a Windows dynamic link library (Hydro-DLL). This is designed for users wanting to integrate the calculation of tidal levels and currents into their own software without needing to understand the mathematics. This has allowed some of the ocean tidal models developed at the National Oceanography Centre to be included in search and rescue, oil spill response and electronic navigation charts software developed by other companies.

Purchasing POLPRED

To use POLPRED, you must purchase

  1. The software with one or more tidal model data sets
  2. A licence to use the software (supplied as two files required by the software to run).

Pricing for POLPRED is done in two parts: the software itself and the licence(s) to ‘unlock’ the software for specified areas and time periods. The software comes with one model as standard and the licence to predict is purchased based on the duration and the size of the area.

The cost of the licence will depend on geographic area and time period required.

Note: this software does not work on Apple Mac computers