Tidal Analysis

Analyses of tidal level records can be used for making future tidal predictions, while trends from long term observations of sea levels can indicate future conditions.

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If you have observations from a tide gauge but don’t want to spend time learning how to use our TASK software, then we can provide a complete analysis and prediction service for you. You provide us with the data from your gauge in a simple text file, and we can carry out all the processing, quality control, analysis and ultimately the production of a set of fully formatted tide tables. We can even provide a bespoke version of our POLTIPS software so you can make predictions yourself.

For most locations around the UK, this approach will lead to much more accurate tide tables than possible using existing data. Many ports and harbours will have a tide gauge already for real-time monitoring so why not use this data to derive and improve the accuracy of your tide tables.

TASK (Tidal Analysis Software Kit) is a complete software solution for the harmonic analysis of data from tide gauges right through to the prediction of tides into the future and the production of fully formatted tide tables.

TASK is a harmonic analysis package that is easy to use for the experienced tidal analyst and the beginner alike. TASK is a suite of individual programs which, although they can be used independently, are designed in such a way that they work together in an integrated manner. The main components are:

  • TASK Windows edition – Used for launching the separate modules as required
  • TASK Toolkit – For processing, resampling and QA of data
  • TASK DMT – A separate data manipulation module
  • TASK Analyse – The main harmonic analysis module
  • TASK Graph – A simple Excel template for looking at data and quality control
  • TASK Plot – A dedicated plotting tool to inspect and flag data easily
  • POLTIPS-3 – The Prediction Component with full tide table production

* All programs are written to run under Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). Apple users will need to dual boot to Windows, or use a Virtual Machine or Windows Emulation.

Key Features

  • Reads in simple CSV file formats
  • Native file format is plain text with tools for simple manipulation and checking. This format has a data quality flag and supports five data channels (three are usually used for observation, prediction and residual)
  • Data quality control is automatically carried out (e.g., gap detection, clock jumps). Potential problems are highlighted with an advisory flag and the analyst can choose to include/exclude these in the analysis or manually inspect each one using TASK-Graph.
  • Intelligent quality control in the analysis engine - the software carries out hundreds of checks throughout the analysis process to see if the data looks sensible and the results it computes are reasonable.
  • Data resampling and format conversion.
  • Data manipulation can shift and scale data (Dnew = mDold + c with m and c set by user).
  • Handles data in any time zone. Time shifting to correct for time zone issues, daylight saving etc.
  • TASK-Plot for easy visual inspection of large amounts of data along with tools to flag data to be excluded from the analysis. 
  • TASK-Graph template works in Microsoft Excel (2007 onwards). Graph can be zoomed and scrolled easily using the scroll bar and zoom buttons.
  • A selection of pre-set harmonic constant sets for different data lengths, but custom configurable for the more experienced analyst.
  • Automatic calculation of daily, monthly and annual means if required.
  • Automatic blocking of data is done completely behind the scenes
  • Over 100 harmonics if required.
  • Quality control statistics are output as part of the analysis process.
  • POLTIPS-3 prediction software can produce complex tide table layout and graphs, etc. Complete integration means the TASK-Analyse module will automatically update the POLTIPS database and your new analysis appears instantly in the list of ports.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Automatic double analysis for tidal currents (east-west and north-south going-currents both contained in a single t2kc file.
  • E-mail support for commercial users and academic users.

Screenshots from TASK – Windows Edition